February seminar – ‘A new set of threads: the production and design of Into the Wildwoods and The First Foresters’

The next UHI Archaeology online seminar is scheduled for 4pm on Friday, February 26, and features Matt Ritchie, who will outline the development and production of two recent publications on Mesolithic and Neolithic Scotland.

Produced by Forestry and Land Scotland, Into the Wildwoods and The First Foresters are free-to-download innovative booklets that pioneer a ‘deep time’ approach to woodland heritage and explore the presentation and interpretation of some quite complex and unconventional archaeological ideas.

Featuring illustrations by Orcadian artist Alex Leonard, the booklets take a carefully tailored approach to archaeological discussion, creative indoor activities and practical outdoor learning, to explore the lives of Mesolithic wild harvesters and Neolithic pioneers who followed long after.

As both reference material and learning resource, the booklets are aimed at teachers, youth group leaders, archaeological educators and anyone interested in our native woodlands.

They use a popular communication style and bold design to align an unabashed archaeological and ecological ethos with a more subtle message of stewardship and responsibility.

Click here for details on how to join the seminar.