Excavation Iron Age Swartigill

Swartigill dig – week three

The community archaeology excavation at the Burn of Swartigill is now nearing completion for this season.

The dig is organised by the Yarrows Heritage Trust, in collaboration with the University of the Highlands and Islands Archaeology Institute and ORCA Archaeology. Rick Barton, project officer with ORCA, talks us through the finds of the week…

Iron Age Swartigill

Swartigill Dig Season Ends

Another season of excavation at the Swartigill Burn has ended. The day excavation seems to have flown by so quickly, and we have made a great deal of progress towards defining the form of the structures in the trench.

Iron Age Swartigill

Swartigill Friday

The Swartigill excavation is a community dig. This means that local people are involved at all stages of the process and local volunteers receive basic training in archaeological methods and help with the actual dig.

Iron Age Swartigill

Swartigill update

Monday was a bit disrupted by the snow, but we got a good afternoon’s work in and made some good progress defining the rest of the rubble and possible structural features in the north end of the trench. As you can see in the photo, there are numerous possible wall lines and linear features showing through.

Iron Age Swartigill

Swartigill – days two and three

Despite everyone’s best intentions, it was obvious by around 9.00am on Day Two that the dig could not continue. The whole area took on the characteristics of a well-shaken snow globe as the cold combined with the snow to make conditions impossible.

Iron Age Swartigill

Swartigill – day one

Sunday, April 23, dawned with an early ferry crossing as the team from the University of the Highlands and Islands Archaeology Institute bounced over the Pentland Firth en-route to Caithness and the Swartigill archaeological excavation.