10 things to do before coming to Orkney


  1. Listen to an edition of BBC Radio Orkney’s ‘Around Orkney’ programme
  2. Learn some Orcadian and how to pronounce the island names
  3. Flick through ‘The Northern Isles. Orkney & Shetland‘ 1978 by Alexander Fenton if you can find it
  4. Watch some films about Rackwick, Hoy
  5. Have a browse of the National Monument Record of Scotland online GIS at http://pastmap.org.uk/
  6. Read Matarosso 2012 Reflections on Culture Development in Orkney
  7.  Watch Margaret Tait films ‘A Portrait of Ga‘ and ‘Land Makar
  8. Explore some historical maps
  9. Listen to Peter Maxwell Davies Farewell to Stromness
  10. Oh, and pack your waterproof trousers …

For more information on courses available at the University of the Highlands and Islands Archaeology Institute, check out our website.