Dr Iain MacInnes: Scotland’s Forgotten War of Independence (1332-1357)?

A Blog post detailing the new book by Dr Iain MacInnes: Scotland’s Forgotten War of Independence (1332-1357). From our friends at the University of the Highlands and Islands Centre for History.

Scottish History Network

Perhaps ‘forgotten’ is the wrong word. Several historians have, after all, dealt with the period in question in some depth. But there can be little doubt that the war that commenced in 1332 – only three years after the death of King Robert I (‘Robert the Bruce’) in 1329 and the supposed ‘end’ of the First Scottish War of Independence – rests in the shadow of its more illustrious predecessor. In particular, popular awareness and understanding of the events of these years seems somewhat absent.

In part this is because the figures involved in the second war are often eclipsed in the public consciousness by those who rose to prominence during the First War of Independence. There is no William Wallace, no Robert Bruce, and no Edward I. In their place we have the lesser known Andrew Murray of Bothwell, John Randolph, earl of Moray, King David II, and (King)…

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