Teaching and Research Facilities

Our reputation is built on our innovative approach to learning and our distinctive research and curriculum – all enriched by the people, natural environment, economy, culture and heritage of the Highlands and Islands and its communities.

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Teaching and research facilities and opportunities open to students:

  • Fully interactive video conferencing which means that you can attend lectures and seminars from home or remotely in one of our colleges. The lectures are also recorded so you can view the content in your own time.
  • Innovative virtual field trips and laboratories have been developed in conjunction with the University of the Highlands and Islands Education Development Unit. These allow students to experience field trips and laboratory work remotely.
  • Two archaeology laboratories are on-site at Orkney College. Students at both undergraduate and postgraduate level are encouraged to develop their laboratory research skills using state of the art equipment.
  • Online learning is supported through the use of the Brightspace digital communication system, which affords direct communication with course tutors.
  • A full digital library resource backed by support from fully qualified college librarians is available to aid your research and reading.
  • Free access to software that will aid your learning, including the Microsoft Office suite.
  • Study at world-class archaeological excavations including the Ness of Brodgar, Swandro on Rousay and The Cairns. Students have the opportunity to work on these excavation sites as part of their course. If you cannot for any reason travel to Orkney then we will arrange for you to attend a dig close to your home.
  • International connections: The University of the Highlands and Islands Archaeology Institute has worked with international organisations such as UNESCO in providing research on the effects of climate change on world heritage sites and tourism using experience gained in managing such sites in Orkney.

    Further international links have been strengthened in 2016 with collaborative work and the development of a student exchange programme with universities across the UK and North America, including Willamette University and City University of New York.

    Professor Jane Downes and Professor Colin Richards have developed links with Rapa Nui (Easter Island) and the Cook Islands to progress research and community outreach work linking Orkney with the South Pacific Islands.

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