Research students

UHI Archaeology Institute research students.


  • Sandra HenryPrehistoric seafaring in Scotland and Ireland.
  • Amber RiversWeaving Time: researching the prehistoric textile production in Scotland through archaeological and creative practice.
  • Anna EstarothThe role of dark and light skies during the Late Neolithic in Orkney and Shetland.
  • Holly YoungShore Life: The contribution of shellfish to prehistoric subsistence and social life.
  • Jenny MurrayA Saint in Stone: The sign of the materiality of the cult of saints as evidenced in the cult of St Magnus the Martyr.
  • Kath PageThe Deer Turn: reimagining nature and culture duality through human-red deer relations in Scotland’s archaeological past.
  • Adam MarkhamUnderstanding mind, economy and social transitions in the Viking Age and Late Norse British Isles through the use and meaning of birds.
  • Joanne MachinA study of medieval pilgrimage through landscape and seascape perspectives.
  • Bruce SuttonFuel for the Fire: An anthracological investigation of fuelwood resource use from the burnt mound deposits in Ireland.
  • Sarah-Jane HastonFarming at the Edge: Neolithic agricultural evidence from the Ness of Brodgar, Orkney.
  • Cameron TaylorNeolithic Narratives: examining storytelling methodologies, tools, and technologies for enriching visitor engagement with prehistory.

MRes (Masters by Research)

  • Jackson ClarkBurning issues: the significance of burnt and cremated faunal assemblages in Neolithic Orkney.
  • Claire MacKayMarine mammal exploitation in Late Iron Age and Medieval Orkney.
  • Keith NeilsonWithin the Round: An archaeobotanical investigation of the floor deposits of an Iron Age broch at The Cairns, South Ronaldsay, Orkney.
  • Asta PavilionyteEvaluating and reviewing archaeological mitigation undertaken as a result of major road infrastructure development in Scotland and associated public benefits.
  • Gary LloydCoarse Stone Tools from the Ness of Brodgar: Investigating the Function and Significance of Orcadian Neolithic Multi-Hollowed Cobbles.
  • Sara MarinoniForged in Fire: an anthracological investigation of woodland management and fuel selection for Iron Age metalworking at Culduthel, Invernesshire, UK.
  • Susan DykeBrave New World: a palaeoecological investigation into Neolithic human-environment interactions on Ness of Brodgar Isthmus, Orkney.
  • Farrah SkimaniAn investigation of the impact of commercialisation on money circulation and trade in medieval and early modern Shetland.