ORCA-704.jpgORCA (Orkney Research Centre for Archaeology) was established in 2007 and offers services in archaeology and geophysics. The unit is equipped with a wide range of the latest equipment and has undertaken commercial work throughout Scotland including environmental site investigation.

Located in one of the most archaeologically significant parts of Britain, ORCA is housed within the Archaeology Institute University of the Highlands and Islands.The Institute is very well equipped with a modern range of PCs, video conferencing equipment with a LAN within the College and a high capacity WAN connection to other partner institutions.

An ongoing project involves ORCA in Environmental Impact Assessment and a watching brief on one of the largest construction projects in the UK since the London Olympics. Click on link for details of the project…http://bbc.in/1KArcja

See website http://www.orca-archaeology.org/ for more information on ORCA