Weather watching and other useful links


Even though it’s going to be lovely, it’s always useful to keep one eye on the weather:

Good week-long wind and rain visualisations on a surfing website:

Good local weather forecast from someone who lives in Fair Isle: (plus ‘Windy TV’!)

Met office:

Travel Operational News:

Kirkwall Airport:

Northlink Ferries:

Pentland Ferries:

Orkney Ferries:

There’s a saying in Orkney, ‘ if you don’t like the weather, just wait half an hour’. We often get ‘four seasons in one day’.

We recommend that you bring your waterproof jackets and trousers: wind and rain = very wet, quickly. If you all bring your waterproofs, the weather will be fine!


Aurora Watch

Space Weather (with a great Auroral oval visual)