Archaeology The Cairns Dig Diary 2019

The Cairns Day 13 – 2019

An aerial view of The Cairns site using drone photography by Bobby Friel @takethehighview

Day 13 turned out to be unlucky for us as the weather closed in and torrential rain set in, meaning that we had to leave site early. There is always tomorrow!

So today on site we were subject to some less than conducive weather- with squally rain and wind hampering our activities. Across all of the active areas of the site we are now working in fairly sensitive areas so eventually, when the rain really set in for the day, we had little option but to pack up and head off.  Therefore, today’s blog is a photo montage of events and activities from earlier today and yesterday….

The substantial early paving within the West Room of the broch
Mika excavating a pottery spread up against the broch wall in the West Room
Working in Structures Q and R in the village
Working on the rubble in-fill of Structure O in the village settlement

Martin Carruthers, Site Director.

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  1. The Digger’s Weather Forecast

    Overcast, but with good light,
    Not so bright that it will dazzle.
    Blue skies, hot sun can give a tan,
    But can also frazzle.

    A gentle breeze, to foil the midges
    And cool us as we work.

    No howling gales and thrashing rain
    To turn the site to mire,
    That’s all we ask, us Orkney diggers,
    That’s all that we desire.

    Oh – and to find things!

    By BB

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