2020 Rhind lectures put Neolithic Scotland in the spotlight

Structure Ten at the Ness of Brodgar. (Tim Winterburn)

The Society of Antiquaries of Scotland’s annual Rhind lectures are under way and this year the focus is firmly on the Neolithic.

From December 13 until December 18, Dr Alison Sheridan will present a series of six online lectures, bringing together the most up-to-date research to show how Scotland’s early farming communities lived their lives and made sense of the world.

For a lecture programme, and details of how to view them, click here.

One thought on “2020 Rhind lectures put Neolithic Scotland in the spotlight

  1. Babette Barthelmess Friday, December 18, 2020 (8:20pm) / 8:20 pm

    Dear Sigurd, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to bring the Rhind lectures 2020 to my attention on archaeologyorkney.com!!!🤗 What a chance and gift from the garstly virus to me to attend live from Hannover in Germany. Have hoped for such a lecture for long to put it all together and you made that happen with your wide ranging reports on the web site.
    It finished minutes ago with a Webinar and they lifted a Glass of Whisky to celebrate Alison and the 240th birthday of the Society. I rushed to the cupboard and poured myself a Higkland Park and say “cheers and thanks to you”!!!!
    Very kind regards Babette

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