Excavation at Smerquoy
Excavation Neolithic Smerquoy

The enigmatic structure at Smerquoy

The excavation at Smerquoy had advanced a great deal since my last visit. A new trench had been completed. But before Colin Richards and Christopher Gee talked me through this enigmatic area, they guided me over to the back of the site, where some of the earliest houses in Orkney were built during the Neolithic.

Excavation Neolithic Smerquoy

Smerquoy – Early Neolithic settlement finds

The structures at Smerquoy were built before the well known structures at the Ness of Brodgar, which in itself is impressive, but Chris, together with his team from the University of Manchester and the University of Central Lancashire, are progressing towards establishing whether all the houses visible in the geophysics were contemporary with each other or built over time with some buildings being abandoned as others were built.