Iron Age Swartigill The Cairns Video

2023 ‘Brochtoberfest’ talks are now available online

The recordings of the 2023 Brochtoberfest talk are now available online.

Orkney Archaeology Society’s annual Brochtoberfest saw a contingent from the UHI Archaeology Institute in the spotlight on Saturday, October 14.

Recordings of the talks are now available below.

The Cairns – what have we learnt so far?

Martin Carruthers. UHIAI lecturer and The Cairns excavation director

Iron Age excavations at Swartigill

Rick Barton. ORCA

Forging Resources – an anthracological investigation of wood-fuel resources for Iron Age Metalworking in Northern Scotland

Sara Marinoni. UHIAI MRes student

The fourth talk at the annual event, Ostentatious or Monumental? The evolution of the wheelhouse in Shetland, was delivered by Stephen Jennings.