Archaeology Courses

You may have decided that you want to go to university (undergraduate) or you may have decided that you want to continue at university (postgraduate) or undertake some professional CPD. But where and what course? You will no doubt look at all the university websites and Facebook pages, but also take some time and ask yourself, “Where do I want to live ?” You will be spending one to four years there and so you need to know that it is the right place for you.

img_0901The University of the Highlands and Islands Archaeology Institute will offer you the opportunity not only to study in a world-class archaeological environment but also live in a truly amazing place. Whether that is in the Orkney, Shetland, The Hebrides or The Highland college campuses.

In effect, the Archaeology Institute has its hub in Orkney College but has students across the UHI college locations. They are all linked by video conferencing and so if you decide to study in, say, Inverness, Perth, Shetland or Lews Castle College, you will have access to resources of the institute in Orkney and even attend lectures over a video link. It works very well and gives you the flexibility to study no matter where you are in Scotland. You also have the opportunity to change location during your study and continue with your course, if you need to.


There are a number of routes into studying archaeology at the Institute and if you look at our website you will see the full details of each course ( here ).

Click through to our student stories page to see how several of our students have progressed. Also take a look at our You Tube Channel to give you a flavour of the work we carry out.

Set out below is a pocket guide to our courses at The  University of the Highlands and Islands Archaeology Institute. To apply click on the course link which will take you through to the University of the Highlands and Islands website.

Access Course

  • Archaeology and Local Studies
  • This course is designed for students who want to discover Archaeology and is really an introduction to the subject. It is open to anyone who wants to learn about archaeology and will involve 2 hours per week taught classes. The course is available through the UHI virtual learning network (in other words – over the internet). So that means you can work from anywhere that has an internet connection. Teaching will focus on the archaeology and history of the north of Scotland. We use local tutors for support where necessary.

To apply or need answers to your questions then e-mail us at

Introduction to Archaeology 

  • Introduction to Archaeology Distance Learning Course
  • The course is aimed at people who are interested in the history and archaeology of Scotland and is designed to be an introduction to the fascinating landscape of the British Isles. Students will not only study how landscapes have changed over time but also investigate an area of landscape in detail and learn how to conduct a Desk Based Assessment (DBA) on an area of landscape of their choice – a key employment skill in archaeology.

Undergraduate Degrees


To learn more contact Scott Timpany on 01856 569225 or e-mail To apply for any of the above degree courses you have to go through UCAS click here.

Masters Degrees

To learn more ring Dr Ingrid Mainland on 01856 569225 or e-mail To apply for the above postgraduate courses you go through the University of the Highlands and Islands website click here and click on the course you want to study and then hit apply!

Research Degrees


  • You can also study for either MPhil (Master of Philosophy) or Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) in archaeology.

Contact us to discuss your ideas by either e-mail or ring Dr Ingrid Mainland on 01856 569225.

Optional Modules


  • Art and Archaeology: Contemporary Theory and Practice
  • This course will appeal to those students who have studied archaeology, art history, fine art or related subjects at undergraduate level. You can enrol in this course as a stand alone module or use it as CPD (continuing professional development) for use in your workplace. The course can also be used as an optional module for students studying Fine Art MA, Archaeological Studies MLitt or the Archaeological Practice MSc.

For more information e-mail us or ring Mary on 01856 569225.


Student accommodation can be obtained through the Orkney College Student Accommodation web page.

You don`t have to study a whole masters course. You can complete individual modules that support your own requirements.

For example, if you want to complete a stand-alone module to support your own professional CPD.

Contact or ring 01856 569225.