Marine services

ORCA - Marine services

ORCA advises on the marine cultural heritage implications of proposed marine developments.

We have successfully undertaken a wide-ranging portfolio of large-scale projects, from the routing of subsea pipelines and cables to Scottish islands, to marine renewable energy installations. We pride ourselves on providing a seamless, historical heritage management service from sea to shore. Providing solutions – on time and within budget – with the minimum of disruption to your development schedule.

For marine projects, contact Paul Clark, Senior Project Manager:
T: (01856) 569223

Heritage Consultancy

Our skilled project managers will advise and guide you through the planning process.

As part of the initial assessment, our staff combine desk-based research with site survey to provide a robust assessment of the implications of any project on marine cultural heritage.

We will advise on measures to manage and mitigate any significant effects on marine historic assets to minimise risk and ensure that the project proceeds smoothly.


ORCA bring together a wide network of local companies who are experienced in collecting and interpreting data by remote sensing, ROV or diving. We will recommend standards and specifications as part of the project management process in order to ensure that data collection is approved by statutory bodies where appropriate.

We deploy our considerable remote sensing capability which includes sidescan sonar, magnetometry, sub bottom profiling and multi beam echo sounding, We ensure that the data collection is concluded on time and on budget – to fit in with your development schedule.

Specialist Services

ORCA has a host of in-house and networked specialists in addition to the considerable resources of The University of the Highlands and Islands Archaeology Institute to call upon, to provide a comprehensive data analysis team.

Using the latest GIS based techniques the ORCA team provide the data in a form that informs and enables all stakeholders to make informed decisions (on areas such as landfall or onshore siting of installations).