Withebeir, Eday

Tombs of the Isles - Withebeir, Eday
Type:Not known.
Notes:A prominent mound on high ground. Covered in peat and deep heather, the oval cairn has measures c18m north-south and 14m east-west.

In 1963, Henshall suggested “there may be some form of horns or forecourt” outside the cairn but by 1989 noted that episodes of stone robbing had given it “a deceptive appearance of being horned” [1]

It has been robbed on the south and eastern side, while disturbance on the west side almost reaches the centre. Whether the latter relates to the “excavation” by antiquarian James Farrer is not clear, although it fits with his modus operandi and an 1856 account written by him:

“The mound above London Bay is sepulchral: small portions of deer bones, bone in a rotten state, and a human tooth, were found in it. It was in three compartments, and there was a passage apparently leading to a fourth, which we had not time to explore.” [2]