Faraclett Head East, Rousay

Faraclett Head East, Rousay
Faraclett East Plan
(Davidson & Henshall. 1989. The Chambered Cairns of Orkney)
Type:Possibly Orkney-Cromarty.
Round cairn.
Possibly stalled chamber.
Notes:One of two Neolithic cairns on the the natural terraces on the south-western side of Faraclett Head. The second, Faraclett Head West lies 16m to the west.
Faraclett East is a well-defined, oval mound that measured 1m high with a diameter of 9-11m in 1982. At that time it was noted that the cairn had been hollowed in the centre, allowing sections of a pair of upright slabs to be seen.
These were considered by Davidson and Henshall to be highly suggestive of a pair of divisional slabs of an Orkney-Cromarty-type chamber.
A third site in the vicinity has been interpreted as a denuded chamber but “the setting of upright slabs is enigmatic and unclassifiable.”
References:Davidson, J. L. & Henshall, A. S. (1989). The Chambered Cairns of Orkney. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.