Onziebist, Egilsay

Onziebust, Egilsay
(Davidson & Henshall. 1989. The Chambered Cairns of Orkney)
(Davidson & Henshall. 1989. The Chambered Cairns of Orkney)
Notes:Positioned on the edge of a rocky ridge on the southern tip of Egilsay, in 1972, the Onziebist cairn measured 20m north to south, by 17.0m and 1.8m high.
Towards the northern end a stretch of wall had been exposed, 2.6m long and running north-south.
From this ran a covered passage, 0.3m wide and 1m long, into a corbelled oval cell, visible through a hole in its roof and measuring 1.5m N-S by 1.0m transversely.
The top of the mound had been extensively dug into and little that is intelligible survives of the remainder of the chamber.
References:Davidson, J. L. & Henshall, A. S. (1989). The Chambered Cairns of Orkney. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.