Wart of Kirbuster, Stronsay

Wart of Kirbuster, Stronsay
Type:Not known.
Notes:Little remains of this possible chambered cairn today.

The mound lay around 230 metres to the east of Kirbuster farm and the chamber within entered in the early 1920s.

Farm work in the area saw the wheel of a reaping-machine strike a block of stone in the mound. Removal of the stone revealed “a large carefully built chamber”, which was entered by one of the farm workers. He described it as being of rectangular, c1.8m high and orientated north-south.

Passages opened from the chamber to the east and west but were left unexplored.

By 1982, the structure had been reduced to an “amorphous rise with no trace of the internal structure.”
References:Davidson, J. L. & Henshall, A. S. (1989). The Chambered Cairns of Orkney. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.