Kierfea Hill, Rousay

Kierfea Hill, Rousay
Round Cairn.
Tripartite chamber.
Notes:Located on the south face of Kierfea Hill, the cairn was ruinous before being excavated by landowner Walter Grant in in 1940. Unfortunately, no excavation report was published.

The cairn had an estimated diameter of 9.5m and contained a 3.8m long chamber that varies in width from 1.75m at the east end to 1.06m at the west. The chamber was divided by two pairs of transverse slabs into three compartments, 1.2m, 1.4m and 1m long.

Access was by a 2.7m long passage in the eastern side. Measuring 0.75m at the entrance it tapered to 0.55m further in.
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