Mount Maesry, Sanday

Tombs of the Isles - Mount Maesry, Sanday
Notes:Also known as “Mount Misery” this cairn can be found on the small tidal island at Start Point.

It remains a prominent feature on the flat islet, recorded as being 3.6 m high in 1983 and with a diameter of and 22 to 23 metres.

The chamber is not accessible because the entrance passage, on the south-western side, is no longer visible. That was not always the case because we know the structure was used as a potato store in more recent times.

The last recorded entry was in the 1960s, the Sanday resident later describing the chamber as rectangular with the corbelled roof still intact. The structure, he said, was similar to Quoyness but smaller but that he did not recall seeing any side cell entrances.