East Surrigarth, Westray

East Surrigarth, Westray
August 2022. The eroding moud from the shore. (Dan Lee)
Type:Not known.
Notes:A possible chambered cairn, measuring 20m long and standing up to 1m high, that has been considerably eroded by the sea. The surviving portion measures about 8m wide.

The exposed section contains structural remains, including several columns of masonry, which have collapsed in-situ, along with edge-set blocks and upright slabs.

In 1998, towards the centre of the 25m long exposed section, were remnants of coursed walling which stood up to 0.7m high. A large horizontal slab to the south end of the section may have been part of a larger feature.
August 2022. East Surrigarth mound. (Dan Lee)